Photographic series by Tanne Willow


Matriarch is a collaboration between photographer and artist, where the personal approach to the concept of "femininity" is examined through improvisation.


I work with performance artists, of various ages and sexual orientation in individual photos sessions. My preference is that they personally have to identify with the female gender even if they were not necessarily born with female reproductive organs.


I document each individual in a chosen area of their home environment while leading them through a series of movement improvisation exercises. The artists are asked to prepare by contemplating what "femininity" means to them and how the concept has affected them throughout their lives - which is followed up by an interview before commencing the photo session.


To further implement visual symbolic meaning to the photo a piece of raw fruit or vegetable is chosen by each person that to them embodies what they consider feminine qualities. 



- Tanne Willow, Spring 2018



Exhibition at New York Film Academy in Los Angeles in Spring of 2018


Official Swedish opening at PERSHAGEN GALLERY in January 2019




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