svankvinnan  /  the swan woman


you get more love from them than from any human being


spirit of the fringe award


bergen fringe festival 2019

outstanding performance award


reykjavik fringe festival 2019

nordic fringe network award


gothenburg fringe festival 2018

"Fringe festivals are driven by their inner wills and can, despite their soluble structure, provide strong, composite experiences. The Swan Woman, Rebecka Pershagen’s solo performance, is such a piece. /.../


With pre-recorded interviews and a silent physical enactment, Pershagen gives the image of a living, complex woman behind the news headlines. Well done, sensous and moving fringe art." 

- Lis Sveningson Hellström, Göteborgs-Posten

"Despite the bombastic music with all it’s dramatic effect, I find myself surrounded by an inner silence as I peek through a window, into an apartment in Stockholm, and see this woman, this real woman who has lived, sitting on a chair, folding paper swans.


Rebecka Pershagens portrait of and tribute to The Swan Woman Marie hits you right in the heart." 


- Anna Gohr, Scenkonstguiden 

"Rebecka Pershagen not only emphasizes The Swan Woman's social efforts as an animal caretaker in her interesting, content-rich and beautiful performance, which also tells how the beautiful swan through the ages has had different symbolic meaning.” 


- Ann-Marie Wrange, Tidningen Dans

"A completely different tone was the one of Rebecka Pershagen's piece The Swan Woman, already recognized at several other festivals. /.../ The piece gave no explanations, but instead gave way to the mystery of the story. It became a wordless movement towards beauty, a beautiful gesture, where the slow pace was part of the point."


- Ann-Christine Snickars, Åbo Underrättelser

"Swedish artist Rebecka Pershagen's piece The Swan Woman is a stage portrait of a person behind the headlines. The mysterious case is examined in the performance, with the help of a sound collage, while the artist presents the metamorphosis from human to animal.


The gradual deformation of a woman who folds paper swans in her loneliness is like a modern, albeit tragic, true-to-life tragedy, as described by H. C. Andersen from his fairy tale. /.../


The human-centered grip is only challenged by the sounds of swans and water in the sound collage. The pairing is an effective expression of our culture-penetrating relationship with nature, and raises many ethically charged questions about our ways of approaching animals."


- Mia Hannula, Turun Sanomat

@ 2019 by Rebecka Pershagen

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